Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 20 Seeds

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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 20 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Bee Friendly
•Butterfly Friendly
•USDA Zones: 7-10

Licorice is a tall, shrub-like perennial that readily establishes from herb seeds. It is attractive growing in the herb garden with lavender-blue flowers in the summer and early fall. The Licorice herb plant is a legume and is native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia. It is the Licorice root that is harvested for both culinary and medicinal use. It is not related to anise, star anise, or fennel, which all have a similar taste. It is also commonly called Spanish Licorice.

Medicinal Properties:
Glycyrrhiza glabra (family Fabaceae), commonly known as licorice, is an herbaceous perennial and has been used as a flavoring agent in foods and medicinal remedies for thousands of years. Licorice root has been widely used around the world to treat cough since ancient times. It contains active compounds, including glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic acid, flavonoids, isoflavonoids, and chalcones. Glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid are considered to be the main active components and are potent inhibitors of cortisol metabolism, due to their steroid-like structures. The root of this plant has been used for cough, colds, asthma, and COPD.

Planting Instructions:
Growing Korean mint from seed is easy and rewarding. Agastache Rugosa seeds can be directly started outdoors in a prepared seedbed. Press the herb seeds into the soil but do not cover them. The plant is not picky about soil, but it does prefer to be in full sun to partial shade.

Season: Perennial
Average Germ Time: 14-21 days
Light Required: Full sun to partial shade
Depth: Press into soil. Don’t cover.
Watering: Keep moist
Plant Spacing: 18 inches

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