Survival Medicinal Herb Garden - 40 Essential Herb Seeds

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Our 40 variety Survival Medicinal Herb Garden was designed to provide your family or community peace of mind. Whether you're planning for a zombie apocalypse or have just come to realize since the pandemic that we're not quite as bulletproof in America as we once believed, this carefully selected collection of seeds will be there when you need it. All seeds are American grown, 100% non-GMO and come in a food grade, waterproof, freezable jar with a rechargeable moisture absorber that will keep your seeds safe and secure for years. Likewise, all seed packets are clearly labeled with growing directions to remove all the guesswork out of the equation.

•While this collection is designed to maximize seed life, the 20% savings versus buying packets individually makes it an amazing bargain for anyone looking to start a garden today.

•Fully customize your collection - We understand that you may have different needs, climate requirements, or things you may have already growing in your garden, so we're more than happy to allow you to swap out any of these seeds for any other seed variety we carry. Swap one or swap all... just put the change in the buyer's note at checkout.

Seeds included and quantity...

•Anise - 100
•Angelica - 30
•Ashwagandha - 30
•Astragalus - 25
•Basil, Holy Kapoor Tulsi - 100
•Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot - 100
•Burdock - 100
•Calendula - 100
•Catnip - 250
•Chamomile, Roman - 300
•Chicory - 200
•Coneflower, Purple (Echinacea) - 100
•Dandelion - 50
•Dill - 100
•Elderberry, Black - 50
•Elecampane - 25
•Fenugreek - 50
•Feverfew - 100
•Hollyhock, French - 25
•Horehound - 50
•Hyssop - 200
•Lavender, Vera - 100
•Lemon Balm - 100
•Licorice, Wild - 40
•Marigold, French Petite - 100
•Marshmallow - 50
•Mint, Common - 100
•Motherwort - 50
•Mugwort - 100
•Mullein - 100
•Parsley, Triple Curled - 200
•Pepper, Cayenne - 30
•Peppermint - 100
•Plantain, Common - 100
•Rosemary - 100
•Sage, Broadleaf - 50
•St John's Wort - 100
•Stinging Nettle - 100
•Valerian - 100
•Yarrow - 100

**Desiccant package (moisture absorber) is included in the container. Moisture and humidity play a crucial role in seed storage. Every 1% the moisture is decreased doubles the shelf life. Our system strives to reach 8% which is optimal. The included desiccant is rechargeable with absorbing beads that turn from orange to dark green when wet. Check desiccant 1-2 times a year. When the beads are dark green, remove it from jar and microwave on defrost setting a few mins each side until the beads turn back to orange and it will be ready to continue protecting your seeds.

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•Growing instructions included on each seed packet.

*All information is provided for educational purposes only.

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