Ashwagandha - Indian Ginseng (Withania somnifera) - 30 Seeds

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Ashwagandha - Indian Ginseng (Withania somnifera) - 30 Seeds

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•USDA Zones: 2-10

In Sanskrit its name means ‘the vitality of the horse’ and it imparts such energy; somnifera promotes sleep. An herb of wide value, generally known as the ginseng of Ayurvedic medicine. Upright shrub exceeds 2' with inconspicuous green-to-yellow flowers ripening to red berries. Roots are dried at the end of the growing season and used internally powdered or tinctured (other plant parts are toxic if eaten). Herbalist Deb Soule harvests the roots when the berries ripen in mid-October. Her delightful book, How to Move Like a Gardener, has more details about ashwagandha. One of the best rejuvenators, especially good for the elderly, it tones without overstimulating and can be used in all conditions of weakness and chronic debilitation. Needs warmth and light to germinate. Sow indoors in the spring and transplant out in June; prefers dry stony soil in sun or partial shade. Perennial in Zone 10, grown as an annual in the north.

Medicinal Properties:
Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It can reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost brain function. Supplementing with ashwagandha may be an easy and effective way to improve your health and quality of life.

Planting Instructions:
Plant ashwagandha in a dry, sunny location in your garden. It needs sandy, well draining soil with a pH of 7.5-8. Growing Ashwagandha is not possible in soil that retains moisture and remains waterlogged and will grow best in temperatures between 70-95°. Plant seeds 3/4" deep and 5 inches apart when the temperature is around 70 F (20 C). Water the seedlings well while they are establishing, but don't soak. Think summer shower, not the constant rain of Seattle. Thin out the weak plants after a month of growing, leaving the space around 2 feet between plants. Ashwagandha is ready to harvest in 150 – 180 days when flower and berries start to form and leaves begins to dry out.

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