Chervil, Curled (Anthiscus cerefolium) - 200 Seeds

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Curled Chervil (Anthiscus cerefolium) - 200 Seeds

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Originally from Southeast Europe and West Asia, these herbaceous annual plants produce as a cool-season crop. As well as parsley, tarragon and chives, curled Chervil Herbs are classic French "fines herbes". In addition to its culinary benefits, fresh chervil leaves also have medicinal properties, including the treatment of gout, sore throats, and even skin irritations such as eczema. Curled Chervil is an excellent herb for your herb garden!

Culinary Uses:
The most common use for chervil is in a classic French herb blend. Chervil can also be used on its own to flavor a variety of dishes, from salad greens to grilled fish. With chervil having a mild flavor it is also great to use in rubs ,to flavor poultry, potatoes and egg dishes. Chervil also makes a great addition to your sauces, herb butters and mild cheese.
Chervil also makes for a great garnish to top all of your delicious dishes.

Medicinal Uses:
People use the leaves and dried flowering parts, as well as the juice, to make medicine. Chervil is used for fluid retention, cough, digestion problems, and high blood pressure. Juice from fresh chervil is used for gout, pockets of infection (abscesses), and a skin condition called eczema.

Growing Instructions:
Herbs may be either direct-sown outdoors after the threat of frost has passed, or started indoors for transplanting or container gardening. Herbs require moderately rich, well-draining soil with at least 5 hours of bright sunlight. To start indoors: sow lightly in sterilized seed mix, lightly moisten and cover with plastic wrap until germination takes place. Do not water again until sprouts emerge. Remove plastic wrap once sprouted. Transplant outdoors when the threat of frost has passed. Most herbs dislike chemicals or over-fertilization. Keep lightly moist: never wet. Pinch back the plants to avoid flowering and to encourage leaf production.

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