Turnip, Purple Top White Globe (Brassica rapa) - 250 Seeds

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Purple Top White Globe Turnip (Brassica rapa) - 250 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-12

This traditional American heirloom turnip was introduced in 1890 and produces smooth round roots with purple coloring above the ground and white below. This turnip has a great crisp, sweet, and mild flavor and is best when eaten when the roots are young and tender.

Nutritional Value:
Turnip greens are loaded with impressive amounts of antioxidants such as glucosinolate which helps to counteract many diseases. Glucosinolate is a large group of sulfur which contains glucoside molecules and is well known for its ability to counteract cancer as it production of healthy cells and stimulate cell death within cancerous human tumors. Turnip greens have two vital glucosinolates. Glucotropaeolin and Gluconasturtiian are responsible for various health benefits. These greens are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, calcium and Vitamin C. It contains 10 times more amount of Vitamin A in comparison to cabbage and 10 times more calcium in comparison to cauliflower.

Growing Instructions:
A cool weather crop, turnips thrive when planted three weeks before the last frost in the spring, or after the hottest part of summer for a fall crop. Direct sow the seeds in rich, deeply worked soil and full sun, 1/2|” deep in rows 12-18” apart. As the seedlings grow, thin them to 4-6” apart. Harvest greens as soon as they reach a good size for eating. If using both the greens and the root, harvest only 2-3 leaves per root. Since small turnips have the most tenderness and flavor, pull them when they reach 1-3 inches.

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