Squash, Scallop Yellow Bush - Summer (Cucurbita pepo) - 25 seeds

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Yellow Scallop Bush Summer Squash (Cucurbita pepo) - 25 seeds

•American grown seeds
•Open Pollinated
•USDA Zones 3-12

Scallop squashes, such as Golden Custard also known as Yellow Bush Scallop Squash, are visually stunning and produce beautiful yellow scallops. Bright yellow and tasty, this variety makes a great stuffing fruit. Scallops from the Yellow Bush Scallop have high yields, making them ideal for markets and home gardens.

Growing Instructions:
Gardeners with short growing seasons may want to start their squash seeds indoors a month before the last expected frost. Since squashes do not take well to transplanting, peat pots are the best option. Plant 2 seeds per pot, later clipping off the weaker seedling. Harden the seedlings by exposing them to weather for several hours a day for a week before transplanting them after the last frost once soil temps average above 65°F. Plant in very rich soil, 8-10 inches apart in rows 10-12" apart. To direct sow, plant the seeds a week or so after the last frost ½” deep, 3-4” apart and thin to 8-10” apart. Avoid planting them with potatoes. Keep moist, but avoid soaking the leaves as this can lead to rot or mildew. When vines develop, adding a layer of much can be very beneficial.

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