Hollyhock, Pink (Alcea Rosea) - 25 Seeds

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Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea) - 25 Seeds

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This old fashioned favorite is a popular pick for many flower enthusiasts. Many people plant the large, colorful blossoms in narrow spaces with a lot of headroom, such as along walls or fences. As its appearance suggests, Hollyhock is a relative of the exotic hibiscus of the tropics and historical records show that the first of the plants brought to Europe came with the Crusaders from the Holy Land by way of their original home in China.

Medicinal Properties:
The flower is used to make a medicinal tea. People use hollyhock for preventing and treating breathing disorders and digestive tract problems. Some people apply hollyhock directly to the skin for treating ulcers and painful swelling (inflammation).

Planting Instructions:
For early spring growth, direct sow in late summer or early fall. Holly hocks can also be spring planted after the last spring frost. This plant grows best in full sun and rich soil in a protected location. Plant the seeds no more than 1/4" deep and do not allow the soil to dry out until the seeds germinate which should occur by 21 days. Thin to 20-24" apart in rows 3' apart. Thinned seedlings can be replanted. To start seeds indoors, plant the seeds just below the soil surface and keep at room temp until germination. After the last hard frost or when the plants grow big enough to safely handle, transplant them outdoors.

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