Carrot, Tendersweet (Daucus carota var stativus) - 100 Seeds

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Tendersweet Carrots (Daucus carota var stativus) - 100 Seeds

•American grown seeds
•Open Pollinated
•Easy to grow
•USDA Zones: 3-9

This aptly named carrot is the sweetest carrot anywhere! Long, tender roots and very rich orange color; coreless. An excellent all-around carrot for cooking, canning, pickling, baking, and juicing. Plant Tendersweet carrot vegetable seeds in full sun or partial shade for a bountiful summer harvest.

Growing Instructions:
Start by sowing the carrot seeds directly outdoors; transplanting from indoors can cause the carrots to be weak and crooked. Start your seeds in full sun to partial shade 3-5 weeks before your last frost. Plant your seeds 2 inches apart and ⅛ to ¼ inch deep. When thinning, cut plants down. Don’t pull up the excess carrots or it may damage root systems of neighboring carrots. When carrots have reached maturity, simply pull them up by the tops. Carrots do best in sandy, loose soil. If your carrots are too short and ball-like, it means that the soil wasn’t loose enough to push through. After around seventy-five days, the Tendersweet carrots will be ready to be harvested. Pull them straight up out of the soil.

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