Artichoke, Green Globe (Cynara cardunculus) - 25 Seeds

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Green Globe Artichoke seeds are native to the Mediterranean, and its fruits were reserved for nobles and rich in ancient Greece and Rome. Artichoke plants have a mild flavor like asparagus and can become big garden focal pieces. Green stems are crowned with purple buds if left uncut. Antioxidant-rich artichokes grown from seeds can be planted as an annual in zones 5-7 or a perennial in zones 8 and upwards.

•Open Pollinated
•American Grown Seeds
•150 Days
•USDA Zone: 6-12

Growing Instructions:
Seeds can be sown indoors, then transplanted outside about four weeks before the last average frost. Direct sow, you'll want to plant the seeds 4' apart, with a space of 6' between rows, in a compost or mulched soil. Artichoke Vegetable plants require consistent watering and full sunlight. When the top buds are a consistent green color, they can be cut. In a few short days, the lower Artichoke buds will be ready to be harvested. If the Artichoke plant is being kept for aesthetic purposes in a garden, leaving the buds uncut will result in them turning purple in color.

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