Arugula, Wild (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) - 500 Seeds

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In contrast to the ordinary arugula or "garden rocket," wild arugula seeds produce a perennial relative that is far more tolerant. Wild arugula delivers a far more complex and subtle profile than standard culinary arugula while still being available for harvest in around 6 weeks. Like "true" dandelion, wild arugula is a perennial that persists in the landscape and has made its way into kitchens as a mild and savory addition to a variety of leafy greens and salad dressings.

Italian cuisine frequently uses wild rocket, an indigenous plant to the country. Compared to cultivated arugula, the flavor is a little bit spicier, although a mild peppery flavor still prevails. It makes a terrific, all-natural flavor for light cooking of fish or poultry as well as for fresh salads and sandwiches. Arugula has excellent levels of calcium and potassium in addition to vitamins A and C. Very simple to grow, and after a few weeks after sowing, the leaves are available for harvest.

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•40 Days
•USDA Zones 4-12

Growing Instructions:
When all danger of frost has passed, direct sow arugula in full sun or partial shade, 1/4" deep and 3-6" apart in rows 10" apart. For continuous harvest, plant a new crop every 2-3 weeks until the heat of summer. Arugula tastes better when grown as a spring or fall crop since excess heat causes bitterness in the leaves. For a fall crop, plant the seeds in late summer. Arugula also grows well as a container plant or throughout winter in a greenhouse or a cold frame. Arugula can tolerate light frost, but if heavy frost comes, provide protection for the plant. Keep arugula soil moist. Adding a layer of mulch can help with this.

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