Hollyhock, French (Malva Sylvestris Mauritiana) - 25 Seeds

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Hollyhock (Malva Sylvestris Mauritiana) - 25 Seeds

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From the Mallow family, this French Hollyhock will bloom the first year from flower seed. This very showy perennial with 2 - 3 inch lavender to purple blooms will put on a profuse display of color. It reaches 36 inches tall and nearly as wide. It is often a short-lived perennial, but it liberally drops its own flower seeds to continue producing the wonderful flowers year after year. It makes such a statement in the garden that all of your visitors will ask what it is. Heat and drought are not a problem for this perennial.

Medicinal Properties:
May help ease digestive problems — Throughout history, hollyhock has been lauded for its positive effect on the digestive system. An 1859 medical book notes that hollyhock blossoms were mixed with poplar bark, bayberry, goldenseal and other herbs to promote digestion and "warm the stomach and bowels."

Soothes cold symptoms — Hollyhock was brewed as tea to calm respiratory ailments. Arabians and Costa Ricans were noted to drink sweetened hollyhock tea to ease coughs and sore throat.

May relieve inflammation — Brazilians and Chileans use hollyhock leaves as a poultice to alleviate inflammation and tumors. Hollyhock seeds may also be crushed and applied topically to treat abscesses.

Planting Instructions:
Establishing hollyhock from seeds is very rewarding. To get a jump start on the growing season, sow the seeds indoors or in the greenhouse 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost date. Use starter trays and quality starter mix and sow the Malva seeds on the surface, pressing them into the soil to make good contact. Keep them consistently moist. Sowing the flower seeds directly outdoors is an option as well. Prepare soil beds, sow the seeds on the surface and dust over them very lightly with loose garden soil. Keep the seeds moist until germination has occurred. Young Mallow plants can be transplanted or even moved to other positions in the garden. During the bloom season, water the plants well and use a balanced fertilizer. After the bloom season, cut back the stalks hard, down to just 3 - 4 inches above ground and continue to water and fertilize. Depending on your location and growing season, the plants may come back for a second bloom in late summer or early fall.

Season: Biennial/Perennial (sow this year for blooms next year and then will self seed for annual blooms)
USDA Zones: 5-9
Height: 36 inches
Bloom Season: Summer
Average Germ Time: 14-28 days
Light Required: Full sun to partial shade
Watering: Keep moist
Seeds per Plant: 2-3
Plant Spacing: 36 inches

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