Boneset, Eupatorium (Eupatorium Perfoliatum) - 100 Seeds

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Eupatorium - Boneset (Eupatorium Perfoliatum) - 100 Seeds

•Bee Friendly
•Butterfly Friendly
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Commonly known as Boneset, this remarkable flower is native to the Southern and Eastern United States. Boneset is large and showy, bearing masses of long-lived, white flowers which are truly unique. The butterflies and bees cannot leave these flowers alone! Grow Eupatorium in your own garden from flower seeds! They make a lovely addition to the wildflower garden or to the back of the perennial garden as they can reach 48 inches in height.

Medicinal Properties:
Boneset is used for various respiratory ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis, unproductive coughs, and pneumonia. It is called for in flu (specifically with deep aching) and fever, as well as for chicken pox and broken bones. Boneset is said to increase the body's resistance to infection and may have an antiviral effect.

Planting Instructions:
Boneset herb plants prefer full sun to partial shade and moist soils. Sow Boneset seeds on soil surface, tamp in, and keep evenly moist until germination. This Eupatorium commonly grows in flood plains, swamps, bogs, stream banks, and wet meadows so moisture is a requirement. Eupatorium Boneset is a liberal self-sower, dropping its own flower seeds. Deadhead the spent flowers if you do not want it to spread.

Season: Perennial
Average Germ Time: 14 days
Light Required: Full sun to partial shade
Watering: Keep moist
Seeds per Plant: 6-7
Plant Spacing: 18-24 inches

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