Aster, Pompon White (Callistephus pompon) - 50 Seeds

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Aster Pompon White is a perfect addition to any gardener's selection of blooms! These Aster seeds are incredibly easy and fast-growing, so you'll be able to quickly enjoy the pure white Pompon blossoms that adorn your outdoor space. Aster Callistephus grows up to 20 inches tall, so it can make a beautiful backdrop for other flowers in your garden. The large pompon blooms measure 2 - 3 inches wide, and they're packed with petals that create an eye-catching display of color. Whether you're an experienced gardener looking to enhance your existing collection or a first-time grower wanting to add stunning variety to your outdoor space, Aster Pompon White are sure to elevate any garden design.

•Callistephus pompon
•Pollinator Friendly
•American Grown Seeds
•Height: 20"
•USDA Zone: 3-9

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow 3 seeds per plant, 9-12" apart, on the soil surface in full to partial sun and gently cover the seeds with a thin coating of topsoil. For continuous blooming into late fall, plant a new crop every two weeks. To start indoors, sow the seed in a flat or peat pots 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost; keep the soil lightly moist and the temperature around 65-70°F until germination, which should occur within 7-21 days. Transplant the seedlings as soon as they can safely be handled and there is no chance of frost.