Aster, Paeony Duchess Dark Blue (Callistephus paeony) - 50 Seeds

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Introducing Aster Paeony Duchess Blue - a cheerful and eye-catching addition to any outdoor space! This unique flower can reach up to 28 inches in height, bringing a vivid pop of color to your garden. Its strong stems make it an ideal cut flower for vases and bouquets, brought indoors to brighten up any room. Plus, this showy variety is easy to care for. The blooms feature large double incurved petals that resemble autumn chrysanthemums, drawing attention from onlookers passing by. Gardeners will appreciate the interest and lush color that the Aster Paeony Duchess Blue brings! With its one-of-a-kind flowering habit, it's sure to add charm to your landscape like no other flower can. Don't miss out on adding this special bloom to your yard today!

•Callistephus paeony
•Pollinator friendly
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Planting Instructions:
Start indoors, seeds should be pressed into the soil and lightly covered. Maintain moisture so that the Aster seeds will not dry out. Harden off the Aster plants for 10 - 14 days before planting out once temperatures are consistently warm. This annuals like a position in full sun to partial shade. Sow 3-5 seeds per plant and space plants 18" apart. Prefers full sun to partial shade.