Aster, New England (Aster novae-angliae) - 200 Seeds

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Add some perplexity to your garden with New England asters! The deep fuschia blooms of this amazing plant bridges the seasons, never ceasing to add interesting bursts of color throughout autumn. Its beautiful shades vary from violet to lavender to pink, creating a lovely, harmonious diversity that is perfect to bring life and beauty into any yard.

But there’s more than just beauty that comes with the Aster, New England; it also brings many functional benefits. An important source of nectar for late season pollinators such as Monarch butterflies, these plants are an essential part of prairie restoration projects — reestablishing a vital source of nutrition for endangered species.

So if you’re looking for a unique addition to your garden that’s both beautiful and beneficial, look no further than the unparalleled Aster, New England! Gardeners everywhere are loving this vibrant fuschia flower for its captivating colors and essential ecological functions.

•US Native Wildflower
•American Grown Seeds
•Height: 48"
•USDA Zone: 2-8

Planting Instructions:
Plant seeds late in the fall just below the surface and water them once. If you want to plant the seed directly in the spring, you must first stratify it by mixing it with wet sand and putting it in the fridge for 60 days. To start the stratified seed indoors, plant purple flower seeds in a flat. Keep the soil evenly moist and the temperature between 65-70°F until the seeds sprout, which should take 14 to 20 days. After the last frost of spring, you can transplant the seedlings.