Asparagus, UC157 F2 (Asparagus officinalis) - 50 Seeds

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This heirloom variety of asparagus, created in 1978 at the University of California by Frank Southers and Frank Takatori, has swiftly risen to the top of the list for home gardens, market producers, and open field production. Heavy yields of 36–48 inch long, uniformly dark green asparagus are produced by the plant. Although it takes this variety 3 years to reach maturity, it will continue to yield for an incredible 15 years. Consider this: if you plant today, your garden will produce abundantly for nearly two decades!

•Open Pollinated
•American grown seeds
•USDA Zones: 3-9

Growing Instructions:
Asparagus is a hardy garden vegetable whose seeds can be initially sown indoors, between mid-February and May. Using a 1.5" deep pot, sow the Asparagus seeds .5" deep and 2" apart. After 10-12 weeks, you can transplant the Asparagus starts outdoors in your vegetable garden, so long as there is no frost at the time. In your garden, dig a 6-12" deep, 18" wide trench. Spreading a 1" layer of compost at the bottom of the trench is recommended. Cover the crowns with soil. As the Asparagus crowns grow, keep them covered with soil and give 1" of water a week. Take care not to give too much water, as soil that stays wet can cause the roots to rot and will produce brown, soft spears. During the first two year, you must exercise patience and resist the temptation to harvest. In the third year, harvest when they are between 8-10" long and the width of a pencil or larger. Cut just below the soil.

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