Artichoke, Purple Romagna (Cynara scolymus) - 25 Seeds

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The Purple Romagna artichoke is a half-hardy heirloom variety that tends to germinate quickly and produce lovely, tasty purple and/or green globes. If allowed to bloom, it’ll present absolutely gorgeous lavender flowers, so if you have more artichokes than you can handle, we recommend leaving one or two to blossom. This variety is slightly more sensitive to cold than other varieties of artichoke, so be sure to keep them in temperatures of at last 60°F until they are mature.

•Open Pollinated
•American Grown Seeds
•120 Days
•USDA Zone: 6-12

Growing Instructions:
For quicker production, seeds should be stratified by placing them in a freezer for a week or two before planting. This tricks the plant into thinking it’s already survived a winter, making it produce more buds in its first year. Sow 1/4" deep, 2-6' between plants, with 3-4' between rows when soil temps are consistently above 60°F.

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