Apothecary Monthly - Peppermint Booklet Digital Download


Due to overwhelming customer requests, we will now be offering our Apothecary Monthly booklets as digital downloads after the boxes are released.

Introducing the Apothecary Monthly Peppermint Booklet Digital Download! Our popular Apothecary Monthly is now available digitally so everyone can benefit from the information it provides. This 16-page full color digital booklet will guide you in discovering peppermint's amazing healing properties and provide recipes to make a variety of peppermint products including salves, tinctures, teas, and aromatherapy oils.

You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of this revitalizing medicinal plant from its history to harvesting methods and how to use every step of peppermint for medicinal purposes including detailed information about how to make an invigorating and restorative peppermint salve that can help soothe dry, chapped skin or reduce inflammation. 

The Apothecary Monthly Peppermint Booklet Digital Download is perfect for any gardener or inspiring herbalist looking for detailed insight into this healing plant. Whether you just discovered its benefits or have been using it for years, this download will have everything you need to get creative with your own all natural skincare routine. Get yours today!

Download available immediately after purchase. No need to wait.