Apothecary Monthly - Feverfew Booklet Digital Download


Due to overwhelming customer requests, we will now be offering our Apothecary Monthly booklets as digital downloads after the boxes are released.

Introducing Apothecary Monthly’s Feverfew Booklet Digital Download! Have you been waiting for the perfect resource to learn all about the healing powers of feverfew? Look no further – this full-color, 16 page booklet has everything you need to know. With detailed information about the medicinal benefits of feverfew, plus recipes and instructions for creating a migraine and headache-fighting glycerite or tincture, this is the perfect tool for gardeners and herbalists looking to make the most out of their skills.

You don’t have to guess when it comes to your herbs anymore – with our fantastic digital download, you can get all of your answers in one place. This resource from our Feverfew Box includes step-by-step instructions that will take you from growing your seeds to harvesting your herbs and finally, properly using this plant for medicinal purposes.

This easy and convenient download will literally put powerful herbal remedies at your fingertips. We here at Apothecary Monthly believe that it is incredibly important to truly understand and appreciate the power of botanicals, so we created this digital download as a way to show not only how beneficial these plants can be but also how much fun learning about them can be! So don’t wait any longer – you will receive a download link immediately after checkout.