Alyssum, Carpet of Snow Sweet (Lobularia maritima) - 250 Seeds

Snowy Carpet Alyssum produces a profusion of tiny white flower petals that smell like honey. The hardy annual Carpet of Snow is a simple to grow plant that quickly forms low, lacy mounds of blooms and foliage that are approximately 8" across.

•Garden Flower
•American grown seeds
•Height: 6"
•USDA Zones: 1-12

Planting Instructions:
Direct sow Carpet of Snow sweet alyssum seeds in spring, when the soil has warmed up. Requires light to germinate, so only press the seed into the soil surface for solid soil contact. The soil should be kept lightly moist until germination occurs. It is also possible to start sweet alyssum seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in spring. Seedlings should be transplanted after the threat of frost. Water the plants regularly to prevent them from becoming dry. By cutting one third of the plant back, you can encourage reblooming. There will be a decrease in blooming in the summer due to the heat. It offers excellent ground cover and also attracts butterflies and bees.

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